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Arif Salum, known by his stage name Arif and former Phil T. Rich, is a rapper from Oslo.

Arifs journey in the music business has been of an inspiring and evolving nature. And that journey started when he released his first EP in 2012. Along with his band of creatives called «B.A.W.S.», he paved the way for those who were chasing the same dream – to make a living doing music and arts.


With praise and plays from Norways biggest radio channels, a sequel EP and a record deal in his pocket, things were just in their humble beginnings for Arif. And within a short amount of time, the promising young artist proved to be one of Norway’s most important contributions to the rap and r&b genre. With his figuratively choice of words and flows, ability to tell the stories of todays generation and grasping productions from label mates «Aksel “Axxe” Carlson» and «Filip Kollseter», it made necks turn, heads nod and feet move with joy and fascination. And already now, the anticipation for what Arif might be capable of became the talk of the town.


When Arifs debut album, «HighEnd / Asfalt», was about to be released by his own label and management «Nora Collective», the expectations were sky-high, making the height of fall even bigger. But hours after the launch, things were on the rise to new heights. His fans and followers grew bigger per week, and the size of his venues grew with it. And even if most people knew that Arif was on his way to becoming a star, it was the gig in front of 10 000+ people at the Slottsfjell-festival, a sold out concert in his hometown in one of the biggest venues in the city, and a Spellemann award (Grammy) for best new artist, that made it written in stone.

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