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Arne Norheim

Arne Nordheim (1931 –2010) was one of the most conspicuous figures in the musical landscape of Norway for more than fifty years, was recognized as a very successful pathfinder. He received a number of prestigious international prizes and honors, and was the tenant of the Honorary Residence offered by the State to the nation’s most outstanding creative artist. Educated from the Oslo Conservatory of Music, he wrote works in most genres, but his principal instrument was undeniably the orchestra, and he was widely regarded as the pioneer of Norwegian electronic music.

A selection of works: Orchestra: Evening Land, Canzona, Epitaffio, Tenebrae (cello concerto ). Ballet: The Tempest (1979). Electronic Music: Solitaire (1968). Chamber music: Listen (piano), Partita für Paul (violin), Clamavi (cello).

Link to Arne Nordheim’s site at mic.no: http://www.mic.no/symfoni/kontakt.nsf/pub_e/per2000062810564262246280