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Cecilie Ore

Born 1954. Started out as a piano student at the Norwegian Academy of Music and Ecole Normale in Paris, and subsequently turned to composition studies at the Institute of Sonology in Utrecht and with Ton de Leeuw at the Sweelinck Conservatory in Amsterdam. In the 1980s she won recognition for her electroacoustic works, winning the first and second prize at the International Rostrum for Electro-Acoustic Music in Paris. Has been involved with the problem of time in music, which resulted in a series of chamber music works. Has received two commissions from BBC. After 2000 she has been active in the field of music drama.

A selection of works: Nunc et Nunc (orchestra), A – a shadow opera, Dead Beat Escapement (opera), Adam & Eve – a Divine Comedy (opera), the tetralogies Codex Temporis and Tempura Mutantur, Calliope (female voice), Cirrus (string quartet), Cirrocumulus (wind trio), Cirrostratus (sinfonietta). Etapper (electronics).

Link to Cecilie Ore’s site at mic.no (biography, work list, recordings and articles): http://www.mic.no/symfoni/kontakt.nsf/pub_e/per2000062810574495138475