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Celile Güzelce

Songwriter and vocalist Celile Güzelce is interested in working with different music genres and with musicians from abroad. For her the variety in the songs is the most important element! The rewards are great musical collaborations and acquaintances such as Mark Steiner, Kåre Nybakk, Christian Ruud and Cüneyt Caglayan.

Celile Güzelce started with an occasional guest appearance on Radio Nova in April 2006 which eventually led to the band project Stillephonema.

Celile has had many great musicians in her band project, to name a few; Morten Haug (Autosonic / Camp Sounds, Norway), Oliver Blomqvist (Dom Andra, Finland / Sweden), Mansel Ismay (Australia), Gunnar Motland (The Goo Men, Norway ), Nicolai Gregersen (Tennessee Beats, United States / Norway), Rob Baker (Catoan, Ireland) and Vegar Eriksfallet (Babylon Bastards, Norway). In 2010 Celile and the band recorded a single, “In love With a Ghost” which was very well received, and was a regular on radio ROX. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z5gUuHYq8Mk

Currently Celile is concentrating on working with her songs solo and with other artistic acquaintances including musician Geir Tosaunet and author Øystein Wingaard Wolf.

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