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Egil Hovland

Egil Hovland (1924 – 2013) was one of Norway’s most productive contemporary composers, and probably the one whose works are most frequently performed. He has written symphonic works, concerti for various instruments, chamber music, choral works, music for children and a great number of sacred works of varying dimensions, including a church opera, church ballets and music to modern biblical plays. He immersed himself in various styles – Norwegian Romanticism, Gregorian chant, neo-classicism, dodecaphony, aleatory and serial music – before returning to a highly simplified romanticism using elements of many different styles to express himself. His main international importance was in church- and choral music.

A selection of works: Captive and Free (opera). Dances de la mort (orchestra and dancers). Orchestra: Fanfare and Choral. Lamenti per orchestra. Concerto for Violin and Orchestra. Concerto fro Trombone and Orchestra. Choir: How Long O Lord. Jerusalem. Missa misericordiae. The Law and the Prophets.

Link to Egil Hovland’s site at mic.no (biography, work list, recordings and articles):