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Eple Trio

Celebrated contemporary jazz outfit Eple Trio, made up of pianist Andreas Ulvo, bassist Sigurd Hole, and drumer Jonas H. Sjøvaag, have refined their tight interplay over several years; slowly developing musical interaction and expanding the soundscape and possibilities of the modern trio. Eple Trio’s members are all sought-after sidemen on the Norwegian music scene, having collaborated with some of Norways finest jazz performers such as Karl Seglem, Mathias Eick and Jon Eberson.

Eple Trio’s two celebrated albums; ‘In the Clearing’ and ‘In the Cavern, were recorded during an intense week deep in the desolate forests of Sweden. Says the trio’s member on the recording process: – When driving to the studio, the last leg of the journey is on a gravel road through dense vegetation, and although we noisily arrived in cars, we spotted a fox crossing the road, an eagle on territorial watch and some deer grazing lazily in the pine tree shadows. This set the mood for the week to come; a complete focus on music, playing and interaction, and thus an effort to expand our sound inspired by these wondrously calm surroundings.