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Farmers Market

Farmers Market was formed in 1991 by students of the Jazz Department at the Music Conservatory in Trondheim. The band started as a free jazz quintet, but soon evolved towards Bulgarian folk-music. Today the bands music is a mixture of Bulgarian folk-music, jazz-standards, popular music and a good dose of humor.

Frontman Stian Carstensen plays wide range of instruments, among them the accordion, guitar, flute, banjo, and gaida, a bagpipe from the Balkans. Carstensen is considered to be one of the most accomplished musicians in Norway.

Farmers Market released their first album in 1995, Speed Balkan Boogie, since then Musikk fra Hybridene, Farmers Market, Surfin’ USSR and Slav to the Rhythm, the latter in 2012, has been issued in Norway.

Members: Stian Carstensen, accordion, banjo, pedal steel guitar, guitar, vocals, kaval, gaida – Trifon Trifonov, saxophone, clarinet – Nils Olav Johansen, guitar, vocals – Finn Guttormsen, bass – Jarle Vespestad, drums