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Geirr Tveitt

The name Geirr Tveitt (1908-1981) is inextricably linked with the orchestral works “One Hundred Folk Songs”. Alluding to his roots in Hardanger and the rich folk music tradition found there, he says: “If a leaf grows on a birch tree, it necessarily becomes a birch leaf”. He received his musical education abroad at the State Academy in Leipzig. Upon completion of four years of study in composition, theory and piano, he studied French music and traveled to Paris. His meeting with French Impressionism was to play a significant role in his further development as a composer, and his natural talent for timbre and color was unfolded.

A selection of works: A Hundred Folk Tunes from Hardanger – 4 suites (orchestra). Jeppe (opera). 2do Concerto per arpa e orchestra. Baldurs draumar (ballet). Concerto : Hardingfela & Orchestra. Concerto No 2 pour violon d’Hardanger et orchestre : Trois fjords. 4me Concerto pour piano et orchestre : Aurore boreale.Concerto for Piano and Orchestra No. 5.

Geirr Tveitt’s site at mic.no (biography, work list, recordings and articles):