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Henrik Hellstenius

Composer Henrik Hellstenius (born 1963) studied composition at the Norwegian Academy, with Gérard Grisey at the Conservatoire Superieure in Paris, and computer-supported composition at IRCAM in Paris. His output encompasses a large range of works: chamber music, orchestral works, opera, electroacoustic music and music for theatre, film and ballet. His music is frequently performed in concerts and festivals aorund Europe. Hellstenius is a professor in composition at the Norwegian State Academy of Music in Oslo.

A selection of works: SERA (opera). Opehelia: Death by water Singing(opera).Stirrings Still (ensemble). Readings of Mr. G. (percussion and string orchestra). In Memoriam : Violin Concerto No 2. Breathings for Chamber Orchestra. Book of Songs 1-3 (various string instruments). Five Imprints of Time (three versions for different instrumentations). Søkk (accordion and tape).


Link to Henrik Hellstenius’s site at mic.no (biography, work list, recordings and articles):
http http://www.listento.no/symfoni/kontakt.nsf/pub_e/per2000062810595923657587