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Ivan Mazuze

Ivan Mazuze from Mozambique plays the saxophone and combines jazz with elements of traditional music from his native country and West Africa. In 2009 Mazuze move to Norway and in 2011 he released his second album Ndzuti, his first record in Norway. Mazuze has a career that stretches back to the late nineties and he has collaborated with artists like singer Manou Gallo from the Ivory Coast  and Cuban piano player Omar Sosa. Ndzuti released on the Etnisk Musikklubb label and is performed by Ivan Mazuze Group. He is also part of Afro Quartet, established in 2012, and Afrikan Ensemble, created in 2011 after Omar Sosa’s residency at Afrikan History Week in Oslo.

He was nominated for nine categories by Mozambique Music Awards 2010 and the debut album Maganda won in the categories Best Jazz Album and Best Jazz/Fusion Instrumental Album. The album was also nominated for Best Contemporary Jazz Album in South African Music Awards 2010.