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Jenny Hval

Jenny Hval (b. 1980), singer, composer and writer, has studied writing and performance in Australia at the University of Melbourne. In Australia she played in bands iPanic and Folding for Air and made her own music. After returning to Norway Hval established herself under the name Rockettothesky and released albums To Sing You Apple Trees (2006) and Medea (2008) on Trust Me Records.

She later moved on to Rune Grammofon and released Viscera (2011) and later Innocence is Kinky (2013). Inbetween came a Nude on Sand album with Håvard Volden released on impro-label SOFA. Hval is frequently published as a novelist, essayist and freelance writer, and also works as a curator. She often circles around feminist issues regardless of the media she expresses herself within.