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Jon Øivind Ness

Profile composer of the Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra for the 2012-13 season. Born 1968. Studied guitar and composition at the Norwegian Academy of Music. Throughout the 1990s, he frequently made references to popular culture. In later years, he has oriented himself more towards the energy found in prog-rock. He later developed a continuously transposing bi- or poly-tonal harmonic system – a system that facilitates improvisation. He has also combined this system with micro tonality. Humour has always played a major part in Ness’ music, but as the composer has experienced an increasing hostility towards less accessible forms of cultural expression from the general public in later years, his humour has taken on a meaner and darker character.

A selection of works: Schatten (small orchestra). Dandy Garbage (small orhestra), Dangerous Kitten (trombone and sinfonietta). Fierce Kentucky Mothers of Doom (2 trombones and 2 sinfoniettas). Jønjiljo (sinfonietta). 5 arrangements for Diamanda Galas and orchestra. My Bloody Mudfish (sinfonietta). An den langen Lüssen (6 voices, wind orchestra). Low Jive (orchestra). Mjær (orchestra).

Link to Jon Øivind Ness site at mic.no (biography, work list, recordings and articles):