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Kampfar was formed by Dolk in 1994 when he left his former band, Mock, and was joined by Thomas. Following the release of ‘Fra Underverdenen’, ‘Kampfar’ became inactive, and it was not until Dolk joined the band Gruesome and met the bass player Jon that Kampfar became active again. Jon soon became a permanent member of the band and the threesome began rehearsing. Drummer II13 joined the band in middle of 2003, after which the band began to compose new material and finally played live. The band made their first appearance at the Moshfest festival in Halden, not far from their hometown Fredrikstad. Their 2006 album Kvass was recorded between November 2005 and January 2006, together with producer Rune Jørgensen, in Silvertone Studio in Gamle Fredrikstad.

‘Djevelmakt’ is Kampfar’s sixth studio album and part of the third creative wave. Up to 2003 the band was a two man outfit and released ‘Mellom Skogkledde Aaser’ and ‘Fra Underverdenen’ as well as several EPs. The second wave took the band into the live arena after completing the band with two more members and it bred another two albums: ‘Kvass’ and ‘Heimgang’.