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Katzenjammer startet in Oslo in 2005 and consists of Solveig Heilo, Anne Marit Bergheim, Turid Jørgensen and Marianne Sveen. Between them they play over 15 instruments. The four-piece band poarticipated in Kjempesjansen in NRK, a talent show on national TV in 2006 and two years later they came second in URØRT NRKs channel for unsigned talent competition. Since then Katzenjammer have released the albums Le Pop (2008) and A Kiss Before You Go (2011) and have signed with Propeller Recordings/Universal Music.

Katzenjammer combine several styles of music such as folk, pop, rock, country and Balkan music, and the band collaborates with Mats Rybø who writes many of their songs. Katzenjammer has sold over 100 000 records in Germany through the Universal system and early 2013 the band released concert film called A Kiss Before You Go – Live in Hamburg.