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Lasse Thoresen

Born 1949. Received a graduate degree in composition from the Oslo Music Conservatory, after which he studied electro acoustic music and composition under Werner Kaegi at the Institute of Sonology in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Professor of composition at the Norwegian State Academy of Music. A number of his works have achieved wide recognition in both Norway and abroad. Influenced by Norwegian folk music, French spectral music and Harry Partch’s tonal system “Just Intonation,” as well as from his ethno-musical studies of the folk music from his own country and from Asia. Mr.Thoresen has been using microtonal principles in a number of his works since 1985. His approach to instrumentation has imported features from Musique Concréte. Stylistically his production exhibits great variety. He has received a number of international prizes, such as: Prix Italia, Prix Jacques DURAND from Institut de France, Foundation Samii-Housseinpour Price (Belgium) and the Nordic Council Music Prize.

A selection of works: Bird of the Heart (piano trio), Symphonic Concerto for Violin and Orchestra, Emergence, Terraces of Light, Løp, lokk og linjer, Stages of the Inner Dialogue (piano), AbUno, Qudrat, Opus 42.

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