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Mari Boine

Mari Boine (b. 1956) is a performer of so called world music. She was born in the Sapmi village of Karasjok and grew up in a strictly religious environment where her Sapmi backround was not valued. Resistance against oppression and the Norwegianization policy of the Sapmi has become an important theme in her songs, which is dressed with elements from jazz, rock and folk music from several different cultures.

She is regarded as a great and important renewever and modernizer of the Sapmi song tradition called joik. Boine released her first record in 1985, Jaskatvuođa maŋŋá, and has since released 12 records under her own name, the last one is Áiggi Askkis from 2011. She has also contributed to recordings by other artists, such as Jan Garbarek.

Boine has received many important prizes and awards from the music business, but also from civil society. She won Spellemann in 1989, 1993 and 1996. In 2009 she was appointed Knight of 1st class in the order of St. Olav for her versatile artistic work by the Royal Court, the highest honor a civil person in Norway can receive.