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Maria Mena


Maria Mena has played before full houses on tours, played several of Europe’s biggest festivals and charted in most parts of the world since “Cause And Effect” (2008). The album went gold in Germany, Holland, Switzerland and Norway, and she was also awarded Spellemannsprisen (the Norwegian Grammy award) in the category “best female artist”.

Sensationally, Mena got her breakthrough in Norway just after she turned 16 with “My Lullaby”. After her debut album, “Another Phase” (2002), she’s continued to be one of the country’s leading artists for almost a decade. “Mellow” (2004) and “Apparently Unaffected” (2005) provided Mena with an international audience, and now she’s touring in large parts of Europe, charting highly in Asia and South America, and having a global fan base.