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Pål Moddi Knutsen (b. 1987), or simply Moddi as an artist, hail from the island of Senja in the north of Norway. Moddi plays several instruments such as guitar, accordion, piano and trumpet, and he started composing his own songs in the mid 00s. His EP Random Skywriting was picked up by national broadcaster radio show Urørt in 2007 and then booked by Øyesfestivalen the following year. Rubato, another EP, was released in 2008, before entered Greenhouse Studios in Reykjavik, Iceland, to record first album Floriography.  It was nominated to the Spellemann Awards in two categories.

Moddi refused to be nominated to Statoil grant for environmental reasons, but in 2010 he accepted the a-ha-grant worth one million NKR which was awarded to four artists before a-ha’s farewell show on Norwegian soil. The following year he played several showcase-festivals in Europa. In 2013 he released his second full album, Set the House on Fire, which also features delicate crafted songwriting with a folk/indie rock felling.