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Niko Valkeapää

Niko Valkeapää was born in Finland (1968) but moved to Kautokeino in the north of Norway in the nineties to work as a teacher. Valkeapää is considered to be a modernizer of Sapmi culture and music and has frequently collaborated with producer and songwriter Georg Buljo who has worked with Sapmi and folk artists and singers/songwriters like Mari Boine, Lars Ánte Kuhmunnen, Odd Nordstoga and Jan Eggum.

Valkeapää won the Spellemann award for his debut album in 2003, the same year he won a international music prize for music by minority people. Valkeapää won two prices at Folkelarm for his album Birrat Birra (2008), and he has toured in the Nordic countries and played at a variety of festivals ranging from jazz and classical festivals to folk music festivals. His last album is ÄÄ from 2012, released on Buljos record label Duippidit in the same way as his first four albums.