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Nils Økland

Nils Økland is a renowned master of Norway’s national instrument the Hardanger fiddle. However, his musical outlook is far wider than just traditional music and his contributions diverse. Both as an instrumentalist and as a composer he interlaces elements of classical and contemporary music as well as jazz with traditional Norwegian expressions, finding common traits and not least common expressive mindsets across genres and time periods. Økland belongs to the category of musicians who have come to represent an individual sound and a musical sensibility that is completely their own.

When it comes to playing, Økland is inspired by context and the actual room he finds himself in. A sought-after performer who spreads his musical activity across a variety of projects and genres he plays all kinds of venues; from small clubs, to concert halls and not least churches.

Økland has been closely tied to key German record label ECM for years – his two most recent recordings include his solo outing ‘Monograph’ and ‘Lysøen – Hommage à Ole Bull’ – a celebration of violin virtuoso Ole Bull’s work with Sigbjørn Apeland on piano and harmonium.