Norwegian music industry’s export facilitator and promotional organisation.

Norwegian Music Publishers Association

Norwegian Music Publishers Association consists of, and represents, Norwegian music publishing companies who through agreements with composers, facilitate, publish, promote and license works for sale and/or use, in an administrative, creative, financial and legal way.  The association was established in 1936, and is a member of the international music publishers association, ICMP, as well as the organizations Kopinor and Norwaco.

The Norwegian MPA’s goal is to promote cooperation between music publishers, protect common professional, legal and economic interests and contribute to increased knowledge of the music publishing industry and copyright through seminars, lectures and collaboration with other rights organizations like TONO, NCB and Kopinor.

Leif A. Dramstad is Chairman of the board of Norwegian Music Publishers Association.

Cathrine Ruud is the Secretary General of Norwegian Music Publishers Association.

Marita Hansen is Project Manager for Norwegian Music Publishers Association.