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Olav Anton Thommessen

Born 1946. Studied in Germany, England, USA and Poland. Considered to be among the most important Norwegian composers and he has received commissions from all the larger Norwegian orchestras and festivals as well as from institutions abroad. His great knowledge of music history and film music has made him a much sought after teacher, lecturer and an object of numerous interviews. He held a professorship in composition at the Norwegian State Academy of Music until 2013. Has composed music for chamber ensembles, orchestra and opera.

A selection of works: A Glass Bead Game (including Macro Fantasy on Grieg A minor (piano, orchestra), Beyond Neon (horn, orcheste) and Through a Prism (Cello, organ, orchestra). Stabsarabesk (wind band). EingeBACHt (piano). Please Accept my Ears (violin, piano). The Hermaphodite (chamber opera). Bull’s Eye (violin, orchestra).

Link to Olav Anton Thommessen’s site at mic.no (biography, work list, recordings and articles):