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Ole-Henrik Moe

Born 1966. Has composed chamber and orchestra music, performed at concerts and been featured in radio and television broadcasts in Norway and abroad. He has contributed both as composer and performer to a number of “crossover” projects, as well as appearing as a jazz violinist. Ole Henrik Moe is a renowned improvisor and has participated in theatre productions and modern dance performances. His works have been performed at festivals such as Wien Modern, Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival and Ultima.

A selection of works: Vent – Litt – Lenger (string quartet + violin). Erazer’s Edge (violin, eraser). Kryst (two Hardanger fiddles, chamber orchestra). Epitaph (chamber orchestra). Three Persephone-Perceptions (violin). Ormuzd Dream (Choreographic poem).

Link to Ole-Henrik Moe’s site at mic.no (biography, work list, recordings and articles):