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Ost & Kjex

Ost & Kjex is an electronica duo comprised of Tore Gjedrem and Petter Haavik, aka Terminator Kjex and Cheesy who have carved a niche of their own with their unique use of samples derived from cheese and crackers, hence their band-name (which translates as Cheese & Biscuits).

Having debuted with their cheese/biscuit fixated (and indeed sampled) ‘Some Cheese but not all Cheese comes from the Moon’ in 2004 the two have released a multitude of EPs and remixes on labels such as Crosstown Rebels, Planetnoise, Modular, Snick Snack, Punkt, Dialect and now Diynamic Music and played in venues and festivals all over the world including Fabric (UK), Panorama Bar (DE), Moog (ES), Fusion Festival (DE), Hove Festival (NO), Nu Music (NO) and Noveau Casino (France)

Their latest outings are 2012’s ‘Cajun Lunch’ in 2010 on Diynamic and 2013’s ‘Lulu EP’.