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Ottar Kåsa

Ottar Kåsa (b. 1983) plays the Hardanger fiddle and he is also a prize winning fiddle maker. Kåsa started his own business in 2005 and has a workshop in the village of Bø in Telemark. He won the prestigious folk music competition Landskappleiken two years in a row (2011/2012). In 2012 he released his first and self-titled record. He got immediate recognition and won the Spellemann award in the folk/traditional music category.

On his record Kåsa uses two fiddles he has built himself. One of them is a fiddle that he turned into a Hardanger fiddle. The tunes he plays on the record have ties to the Telemark district, which is rich on Hardanger fiddle traditions and has fostered many players that have inspired Kåsa.