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Øyvind Torvund

Born 1976. Studied at the Norwegian Academy of Music and Berlin’s Universität der Künste. Worked as a guitarist in rock and improvising groups. Says the German musicologist Björn Gottstein: If there’s something to be learned from Øyvind Torvund, it is that we don’t know what music really is and when, where, how, and why it emerges. Nothing is sure; nothing is self-explanatory. Anything is possible; anything is conceivable. … The avant-garde for Torvund is an aesthetic surface for projection from which he develops musical peripheries like ornament and the everyday, nature and popular culture.

A selection of works: Giants of Jazz (sax, accordion, double bass). How Sound Travels (orchestra).The improvisation series Bandrom. Tune Park (chamber ensemble). Wolf Studies (sextet). Forest Construction (chamber ensemble). Krull Quest (cello, electronics). The Stacks (quartertone marimba or cello and elecronics).

Link to Øyvind Torvund’s site at mic.no (biography, work list, recordings and articles):




(Photo: Stian Andersen)