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Ragnar Bjerkreim

Ragnar Bjerkreim (born 1958) is one of Norway most active and successful composers of film music. His first success was the music for ”Kamilla og tyven” (Kamilla and the Thief), and the soundtrack from this motion picture is still frequently heard worldwide. His international breakthrough, however, was the music for the TV series on the Norwegian explorer Thor Heyerdahl, The Kon-Tiki Man that was shown in 50 countries and recorded by BBC Records. Ragnar Bjerkreim is the president of the Norwegian association for popular composers and lyricists NOPA.

A selection of works: Film and TV: The Kon-Tiki Man. Woldview Symphony. Kamilla og tyven. Raider of the Kidneystone. Choir and orchestra: Missa Caritatis.

Link to Ragnar Bjerkreim’s site at mic.no (biography, work list and recordings):