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Razika consists of Marie Amdam (vocals and guitar), Marie Moe (bass), Maria Råkil (guitar and vocals) and Embla Karidotter (drums), all born in 1991 and are all from Møhlenpris, Bergen. Forming the band Razika at a very young age, they celebrate 10 years together this year.

Friendship, politics, youthful bravado, partying, broken hearts, and love have been an important ingredient for Razika, who are known for their surprising rhymes and creative twists. With elements from ska, pop, rock and punk, Razika have been touring hundreds of concerts throughout the years, and become one of Norway’s best live bands.

Razika have repeatedly been nominated for a Norwegian Grammy Award (Spellemannsprisen) and they have received attention from The New York Times, NME, Village Voice, Uncut Magazine and Pitchfork. They have toured all over the country and Europe, and Dagsavisen (national newspaper) has named them the band of the year.
Razika have over the years also proved from a more political side. Razika have criticized festivals with skew and low diversity and Razika have been active in debates about gender and discretion in the music industry.

Razika have just been to Berlin to record new music, and recently released the single “Se deg ikke tilbake”. The text shows Razika’s political side. The song is about foreign minister Listhaug and Norway’s handling of the refugee crisis.
The single is produced by Yngve Sætre and recorded with Gordon Raphael, who has been producing among many The Strokes.