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Rolf Wallin

Rolf Wallin, born 1957. is a versatile musician, having distinguished himself not only as one of Scandinavia’s leading composers today, but also as a performance artist and, early in his career, as a jazz and rock musician. As a composer he freely combines computer-generated systems and mathematical formulae with intuitive approaches and the complex, yet very plastic textures of his music are reminiscent of composers such as Xenakis and Ligeti. Wallin’s work list includes instrumental and electroacoustic works, absolute music and stage music; his continuous crossing of borders between genres and styles has resulted in a number of fruitful cross-fertilizations.

A selection of works: .though what made it has gone (voice and piano). Chamber ensemble: Onda di ghiaccio, Boyl, Stonewave. Orchestra: Chi, Clarinet Concerto, Ground, Strange News.

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