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Sigrid Moldestad

Sigrid Moldestad comes from Breim in Nordfjord, and plays the fiddle and Hardanger fiddle. She has also appeared in several revues and variety shows with, among others, Breimskoret (choir), in which she has been featured as a solo vocalist, had a leading role as Edith Piaf, and presented imitations of Eurovision Song Contest artists.

Moldestad thrives on the challenge of combining folk music with theatre, and was a driving force in the three productions set up by the trio Fjøgl from 2001 to 2004 (with Liv Merete Kroken and Unni Løvlid). She is also a member of the groups Spindel (with Liv Merete Kroken) and Gamaltnymalt (with Håkon Høgemo and Einar Mjølsnes). The duo Spindel participated in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2005 together with Christine Gulbrandsen.