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Silje Nergaard

With a loyal following at home and abroad, Silje Nergaard is without doubt one of Norway’s most successful crossover-artists. There is something uniquely gleaming about Silje Nergaard; a warm yet clear lustre seems a defining trait of her whole artistic enterprise and indeed of the person too. Her expression is jazz songs, yet with hints of something deeper and more sacred than is perhaps usual for this genre. Her music has a distinct copper tone to it, clean and with panes and timbres that seem to reflect and spectre the light in a way that reminds of sanctity.

Strong songs, melodies like dragonflies; of elegance and lustre and shyness, and words that weave narratives and invoke images of the same soft swirling air: Silje Nergaard’s records have all been distinguishes by a sweep of profundity.

Silje stepped into the limelight only 16 years old when she made an appearance at the renowned Molde jazz festival. She soon relocated to London and embarked on a very promising career within suave jazz pop. Her debut “Tell me where you’re going” was released in 1990 to much acclaim.

Silje´s album “At First Light” is still by far the biggest selling Norwegian Jazz album of all time according to the official Norwegian sales charts. The album entered the national Top 40 album charts at No #1 in the first week of release at the start of the millennium.

Nergaard’s latest internationally released album is 2012’s ‘Unclouded’. The album finds her songs stripped down and based mostly around guitar accompaniments provided by her steady guitarists Hallgrim Bratberg and Håvar Bendiksen, and also guest guitar greats such as John Scofield, Knut Reiersrud, Georg Wadenius and Nils Petter Molvaer amongst others. Through her albums and live performances Silje has grown into an artist of international renown, with dedicated audiences throughout Europe and in Asia and a respected position within jazz- and musical circles.