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Ståle Kleiberg

Ståle Kleiberg, born 1958. His music is characterised by a highly distinctive form of extended tonality and by meticulous attention to coloristic details. He has composed several large-scale vocal works as well as orchestral and chamber music. His works are often featured on concert programmes in Norway and abroad. Most of his works are composed to commission, many of them from outstanding orchestras, ensembles and performers. Kleiberg’s music is also well represented in a recorded format, and several of his releases have received outstanding international reviews. Kleiberg lives in Trondheim, where he is professor of music at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

A selection of works: David and Bathsheba (opera). Requiem – for the victims of Nazi persecution (choir and orchestra). The Bell Reef (symphony). Lamento: Cissi Klein in memoriam (orchestra). The Rose Window (narrator, organ and chamber orchestra). Dopo (cello and string orchestra). Two Poems by Montale (voice, flute, oboe, piano). Sonata for Flute and Piano.

Link to Ståle Kleiberg’s site at mic.no (biography, work list, recordings and articles):