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A mainstay on Norway’s improv scene for more than a decade, Supersilent continues to push the boundaries of modern improv. Supersilent counter the human impulse to create or recognize logical structures and things. They transport us to the level of pre-genesis –there is no conclusion– and thus one is forced to stay in the pure phenomena, of sound, and remain in the senses. For a musician or any creative artist what they do can indeed seem superhuman, for they never sit down to make anything; they never write music, prepare or even rehearse. Keyboardist Ståle Storløkken, trumpeter/vocalist Arve Henriksen and multi-instrumentalist Helge Steen just come together and press the record button. Supersilent is the now in the purest sense of the word: improvisation not as a device, but improvisation as a basic mode of being.