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Thea & The Wild


In 2013, Thea Glenton Raknes started her solo project under the name Thea & The Wild. During the course of the first months of that year, she had recorded and released two singles, Cry Sometimes and Hots For You, which were both listed on national radio channel P3 before they were officially out. Thea was quickly booked for the festivals By:larm, Øya and Hove that summer and performed on national TV channel TV2’s Sommertid, and radio shows Reiseradioen, Popsalongen and Kulturhuset at the times of the singles’ releases. Before the Øya festival, Norwegian daily Aftenposten had an entire page in their culture section dedicated to Thea & The Wild and her upcoming festival concert, and rewarded the concert a 5 out of 6. Her concerts at By:larm also received great reviews in several parts of the media and were well attended by both the audience, the press and the music industry. Thea & The Wild were also chosen by PRESS to perform at Save The Children’s Youth Organisation’s own peace prize ceremony for that year’s peace prize recipient at the Nobel peace centre in Oslo.

So far in 2014, Thea has released the single ‘Ropes’, which was immediately playlisted on national radio station NRK P3, and also her single ‘Mourning Song’, before the debut album ‘Strangers and Lovers’ finally saw its release on August 29th.