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Trond Reinholdtsen

Graduated from the Norwegian Academy of Music. His first pieces were modernistic, complex works in the German style alongside other works by composers of the complexity generation. He has also made a name for himself as a singer in the group Nordic Voices. His music has developed in an extreme, performative direction; pure music is laced with various extra-musical forms of expression such as essayistic interpretations, live-camera filming and elements including statistical facts, face-making etc. – called “opra”. These higly original performances have been presented at festivals such as Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival and Donau-Eschinger Musiktage.

A selection of works: Faust or the Decline of Western Music (piano, performance). Orpheus (opra). Musik (opra – ensemble, Power Point, composer’s explanations opera film ,machines). Psalm (Narrative Studies) (sinfonietta).

Link to Trond Reinholdtsen’s site at mic.no no (biography, work list, recordings and articles): http://www.listento.no/symfoni/kontakt.nsf/pub_e/per2002032114471190605172


(Photo: Brian Slater)