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Valkyrien Allstars

Valkyrien Allstars is a Hardanger fiddle trio brought to life by Tuva Syvertsen, Ola Hilmen and Erik Sollid in 2005. The rhythm section consist of Magnus Larsen (bass) and Martin Langlie (drums). With firm roots in Norwegian folk music they have a playful and experimental approach to composing, and play many forms of music. In the mixture of traditional Norwegian vocal styles and a more urban sounding band Valkyrien Allstars have developed their own and distinct sound.

Valkyrien Allstars is a price winning band and was given the Folk Music Artist of the Year Award in 2008 at folk music scene’s own Folkelarm festival. The band has toured in Europe including countries such as Ukraine and Russia. Valkyrien Allstars have released three records on folk music label Heilo. The last one, Ingen Hverdag from 2011, is presenting lyrics from several known Norwegian poets as well as some lyrics by unknown writers, and two texts are written by the bands front woman Tuva Syvertsen.