Øya International 2023

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Oslo, Norway

Øya festivalen

International Delegate Program during Øya Festival

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Alle deltagerne reiser til Bleikøya for faglig påfyll, sosiale aktiviteter og tid til å bli bedre kjent.
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Dag en samles alle til et første møte hos Visit Oslo før vi tar fatt på klubb Øya. Finn din favoritt delegat og inviter med deg ut i Oslo natten.

Øya International is an annual delegate program

Øya International has since 2004 been a facilitator for the meeting between the Norwegian and the international music industry. From Wednesday to Saturday the program will be filled with meet & greet, speed meetings and relevant music industry content.

The interest in the Øya Festival among the international industry is growing each year, and the festival is seen as one of the most important platforms for meeting the industry in Norway. With the program, Øya Festival wants to be a driving force for Norwegian music export. Through our work at the festival we can track good results; Norwegian artists have been discovered at the Øya Festival and new relationships with international partners have been created.

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Hvert år arrangeres speedmeeting, to hektiske timer der alle får møte med de delegatene de helst ønsker å treffe.

International participants

The Øya Festival will be held from August 8th to 12th 2023. Music Norway and The Øya Festival are responsible for the implementation of the program. International agents, A&Rs, promoters, bookers, PR and press are invited to the program, with main emphasis on the field of popular music. Invitation of delegates is based on networks from international activities such as industry meetings, festivals and seminars where Øya Festival and Music Norway have been represented for several years. We also receive recommendations and wishes from the music industry itself as well as from the Norwegian embassies.

This year's Insiders Guide will be about Canada.

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Vi arrangerer aktivitet utenfor festivaltiden, som gir gode muligheter for å knytte tettere bånd til potensielle samarbeidspartnere.

Do you want to participate in Øya International?

Øya International is a business-to-business event for professionals who wish to work with Norwegian music export. Participation presupposes that you operate as a professional industry participant in Norwegian music exports and that you manage the rights of others. The program is mainly aimed at management and record companies, but may also be relevant to others. Norwegian artists, festival and concert organizers, foundations, associations or public agencies unfortunately do not qualify for participation. In order to get the best benefit from the program, you are also required to have a ticket to and participate at the Øya Festival, as much of the network program takes place inside the festival area. Music Norway will in each case assess the application and whether the event is appropriate for the applicant. Companies representing a larger roster will be given priority. As there is a limited number of places, it is not certain that we can offer a place even if you qualify for participation. The application form will be published soon.

The program is financed by Øya Festival, Music Norway og grants from Music Norway as well as several of the Norwegian Embassies.