Kathrine Synnes Finnskog

Director/CEO of Music Norway

Kathrine Finnskog
Kathrine Synnes Finnskog (Foto: Kristoffer Myhre)

Kathrine Synnes Finnskog is the CEO of Music Norway. The mission of the foundation is to increase exports to creative companies in the music sector, by facilitating internationalization, export measures and networking.

Kathrine Synnes Finnskog has been active in the Norwegian music industry for several years. Finnskog founded her first company, Bpop, already in 2002, which launched a number of Norwegian artists abroad. Within a few years, BpopMentometer grew into one of Norway's largest booking and management companies, and represented artists such as Annie and Magnet, as well as Eurovision Song Contest winner Alexander Rybak (2009).

In 2013, Finnskog was appointed Music Norway's first director with the task of merging two organizations. Today, Music Norway is a respected and widely used export office with a number of financial subsidy schemes, educational programs and activities which respond to the industry's needs and the rapid changes in the sector. With the help of experience and networks, Finnskog develops each project with an ambition to increase recognition, value and employment in the creative industries.

Finnskog is also an active member of a number of advisory boards related to exports, including Team Norway, Musikkindustriens Nærings Råd (MIR) and NOMEX - a pan-Nordic platform that will facilitate growth and co-operation in the Nordic music sector. Finnskog often participates as a member of networks and working groups in the creative industry, including the Advisory Board for The Oslo Position Strategy and the Nordic Cool initiative, with the aim of developing a platform for Nordic co-productions for the Nordic Council of Ministers.

During her time at Music Norway, Finnskog has committed to strengthening gender equality and diversity in the music industry and has taken the initiative to create several interdisciplinary networks, including Norwegian Arts Abroad, Mustech Norway and the Nordic Folk Alliance. She is currently active in a number of these networks, advises startups on internationalization and participates in panel discussions and conferences.

In 2015, Synnes Finnskog was awarded the by:Larm Prize as the industry profile of the year and in 2018, FONO Music Norway awarded the “Bjellesau” Prize, for how the organization has contributed to strengthening the position of music life internationally.