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11 tips for greener tours

By Tina Brodal Posted: 20. Feb, 2020

Music Norway hereby presents a guide for reducing climate emissions from touring activities.

Music Norway’s “guide for greener tours” contains 11 tips for reducing greenhouse gas emissions in connection with concert activities. These tips can be used whether you are an artist, manager, booking agent, production manager, tour manager or otherwise involved in the planning and execution of concerts.

The guide is compiled by Julie Forchhammer on behalf of Music Norway. Forchhammer has worked with environment and in the music industry for the past fifteen years, as a board member and advisor for Regnskogfondet, environmental manager for the Øya festival and festival manager for Vinjerock.

– Why is this touring guide important?

– The question I received the most during 2019 is: What can I do to help? The desire among artists, their network and organizers to make their own climate measures has never been greater than it is now. The aim of the guide is to provide specific tips on how they can contribute. Some are already well underway in implementing these, while others may choose some points that are relevant to them and begin there. Few are able to implement all of them, but everyone can contribute in some way, says Forchhammer.

The travel grant scheme is the most popular scheme for Music Norway.

– We recognize that touring internationally raises an environmental issue. It can be difficult to know where to start if you want to travel more climate friendly. Therefore we wanted a guide that can help with smarter touring, making it more efficient and more environmentally conscious, says Einar Idsøe Eidsvåg in Music Norway.

What is most effective?
In the guide, the top three tips for reducing greenhouse gas emissions are;
– Fly less
– Demand green suppliers
– Use the mains supply rather than diesel generators.

– How big is the greenhouse gas emissions for the music industry and how much does it have to reduce to achieve the reduction targets?

-It would be tremendously useful to know the overall emissions of the music industry, but as of today there are no exact figures on it. Someone should calculate and make a report on it, that would have been fantastic. There are about 100,000 employees in the Norwegian cultural sector, so if we manage to half the emissions from this, we are talking about real vast cuts of greenhouse gases, says Forchhammer.

– What is the biggest source of greenhouse gas emissions in the music industry and how can it be reduced?

– Five million Norwegians fly more than 50 million Europeans. And the music industry is the sector that loves traveling the most in this country. A reduction in air travel and better planning ahead of travels will result in major emissions cuts. But the music industry is not only good at flying, we are also good at shopping. By setting environmental requirements for all kinds of purchases and deliveries we can make a big difference as well. It is exciting to see what will happen at the supplier stage for technical equipment in the future. For example, if we manage to switch from disposable batteries to rechargeable batteries, we will save both the environment and costs, says Forchhammer.

«11 tips for å turnere grønnere» (Norwegian)


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