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Aurora: – I feel accepted

By Erlend Buflaten Posted: 27. Jul, 2015

Aurora at Skral Festival (photo: Erlend Buflaten)

We met up with the singer at Skral Festival where she amongst other things discussed stage presence and her international fan group ‘Warriors’

Few Norwegian artists has as many international eyes on them as Aurora does these days. While eagerly waiting for her debut LP, we sat down with the young singer to talk about the year that was and the months ahead.

After some airline trouble with even more waiting for luggage. Aurora and her team arrived Skral Festival in the south of Norway on a sunny midday. We found a shade filled spot under a tree and I asked her to give me her three highlights of the year so far.

– That’s hard! I guess I’d have to say the Katy Perry-tweet. It gave me such a boost and a lot of new fans. It was an incredible nice thing to do!

– And of course the US tour. It was just highlight after highlight! There were so many attending the shows, and that’s not something you expect going going in to it. She smiles humbly. – It was very, very fun.

But she doesn’t need to visit another continent to have the time of her life. The singer picks hometown festival Bergenfest as one of the best things so far this year.

– It was fun to play a big crowd at home.

– How different does it feel to play a show at home and in the US?

– Well, I’m a bit more known in Bergen now, and that’s something you notice. I mean, the locals knows everything about everyone anyways, but it’s good. They sing a long and applaud a lot. They give a lot of love!

– But you give a lot of love from the stage?

– I try!

Just November of last year, Aurora performed her first solo show ever at Musikkflekken, a small venue just outside of Oslo. The concert ended (after several much appreciated encores) with Aurora and her band singing Hakuna Matata with the crowd, a number that has since stuck with me for all the right reasons.

– Has anything changed since your concert at Musikkflekken and up to today?

– Oh my God! That was when we ended up singing Hakuna Matata?!

– It absolutely was!

– Haha! Well, since then I’ve of course become more secure on stage, but I still get nervous. I always get nervous. I’ll be like “will there be anyone out there?”. It’s still those kinds of things that I think about. But I have more time to have fun now, I stressed a lot earlier. I felt like I had to sing or talk at all times. Now I’m able to enjoy the silence, look at the crowd and think of where I am.

Aurora performing at by:Larm earlier this year (foto: Tomas Lauvland Pettersen)

– Every time we tweet about you from our account, we get a lot of response from your numerous fan accounts. There seems to be one in every country. Do you have a name for your fans?

– Warriors! First I didn’t really know what they ment about it, but then I was like well – we’re all warriors, warriors of light. It’s a nice thought to have. I was inspired to write a song about it. It will be on the album!

– Especially Germany has embraced your music. Do you feel a special connection with Germans?

– It’s not like a think about them when I write. But, I dunno, there’s something with Germany. Something about their style. I think they like simple things.

– Do you consider your music simple?

– No, but “Running With the Wolves” which is listed on Radio 1 down there is a bit simpler. I can’t say that an entire country like my music, but I’m glad they appreciate it. And it’s an important market. They still buy records, I just buy vinyl myself.

– What’s the last one you bought?

– Oh, it was three days ago. I believe it was Tool. I listen to a lot of metal.

– Which one’s your favorite?

– Ænima, that’s a great album. And I really like Gojira!

– What’s on top of your agenda these days?

– There will be a new single coming out soon. I just have to write it first, but I think it’ll happen next week. And then we’ll release some more tracks. The album has been postponed ’til 2016 and that gives me time to improve some stuff.

Anything you want to say to our readers?

– I feel very accepted. I was a weird kid. I’m having a really good time now.


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