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Bearson picks his favorite Norwegian acts at the moment

By Erlend Buflaten Posted: 04. Aug, 2015

One of the hottest producers around let us know the four Norwegian acts we should look out for right now.

Bearson’s tracks and remixes have millions of streams on Soundcloud, and with only two singles released we’ve just seen the start of his career. He’s also fresh off of #1 on Hypem and eager to find out what Norwegian acts the producer has on top of his own playlist these days we asked Bearson to pick four of the most exciting ones. The answer: EDM, electronic, synth-pop and melancholia. Check them all out below Bearson’s own smash “Pink Medicine”.

Jerry Folk

– Jerry Folk was the person that encouraged me to share my music with the world. We’ve been working closely together for the past two years and I’ve been following his music from the very beginning. He has a lot of exciting projects going on and I can guarantee you’ll hear a lot from him in the future.


– Coucheron just put out his anticipated EP and it’s beyond good, I’m still curious as to why he’s not more popular. It’s gonna be really interesting to see where this new EP takes him. To me he is one of the most exciting and forward-thinking producers I know.


– I recently discovered Farao and immidiately caught interest. It all seemed new to me; the production, the way she sings and her music videos. I’ve seen she’s gotten quite a bit of attention from US blog world as well as radio support. Definitely someone to keep an eye on.


– I remember the first time I discovered Aurora’s music like it was yesterday. It was the kind of moment where you just sit completely still and feel the music without moving a muscle. I saw her perform at Hove Festival last year and at this year’s Slottsfjell Festival and it’s fun to see how fast she’s growing as an artist and performer.


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