Norwegian music industry’s export facilitator and promotional organisation.

Best year ever for TONO

By Erlend Buflaten Posted: 01. Apr, 2016

Cato Strøm is managing director of TONO (photo: tono.no)

The Norwegian collection society/performing rights organization TONO had its best year ever in 2015, but sees big challenges online.

The Norwegian collection/performing rights organization TONO have had its best year ever in 2015 with gross income of 588,5mnok (about $71,2m). The result is a 16,5 percent increase from 2014 where total gross income was 505mnok ($61,1m).

The growth is pulled by an increase in income from terriotories outside Norway which sees an 23,7 percent increase and income from streaming services who sees a growth of 17,7 percent.

Total income from use of TONO registered works oustide Norway generated 43,5mnok, 8,3mnok more than in 2014. The largest increase comes from France (up 69,4%), Sweden (40,9%) and Germany (30%).

In a press release TONO director Cato Strøm says the overall growth is due to increasing  use of Norwegian music abroad and more use of Norwegian music in TV and movies. Also noting that the Norwegian currency kroner is weakened compared to other currencies.

Exemptions pose a challenge

TONO’s biggest area of income is the media and online sector where almost 400mnok of its total is generated. Strøm says there are challenges getting broadcasters and distributors to pay for the use of licenses that are taking place on more and more platforms simultaneously.

Strøm is also ciritical to the way EU legislation gives different social medias exemptions to pay rights holders, despite the fact that its heavily documented that these platforms earn big on music and other intellectual property content being streamed through their services.

TONO manages performance rights for musical works in Norway and collects fees for their public performance. TONO currently represents approximately 26,000 Norwegian composers, lyricists and music publishers.