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Business to business at jazzahead!

By Carl Kristian Johansen Posted: 17. Apr, 2019

Beady Belle (Photo: Anders Nilsen)

Want to get in touch with the artists or their managements?

As Norway is partner country at this year’s jazzahead! in Bremen, Germany, we have teamed up PR company Factory 92 to facilitate for business and press before and during the festival in Bremen.

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Factory 92 have made an overview to communicate the interests and availability of the artists that will do concerts at the festival, whether it is booking collaborations, artist collaborations, live opportunities, synch, commissions, all per territory.

Please take a look at the page over at Factory 92: Norway at jazzahead!

It is of course also possible to visit the Norwegian stand at Halle 7.1, nr 6B27. Most Norwegian delegates will be present at the stand at daytime from 10:00 – 19:00 am.


Thursday 25.04:
17:00 Åpning of jazzahead! 2019 with Karin Krog & John Surman, Hall 7.1
18:00 Reception Norway Lounge
19:30 Lars Saabye Christensen & Christel Hildbrandt (moderator): Magnet at Buchhandlung Logbuch
19:30 Norwegian Night: Thomas Strønen’s Time is a Blind Guide in Hall 7.1
20:10 Norwegian Night: Karl Seglem Band in Schlachthof
20:50 Norwegian Night: Gard Nilssen´s Acoustic Unity in Hall 7.2
21:30 Norwegian Night: Skadedyr in Schlachthof
22:10 Norwegian Night: Frode Haltli Avant Folk in Hall 7.1
22:50 Norwegian Night: Kristin Asbjørnsen in Schlachthof
23:30 Norwegian Night: Espen Berg Trio in Hall 7.2
23:59 Norwegian Late Night Party , DJ Strangefruit in Magazinkeller
00:10 Norwegian Night: Hedvig Mollestad Trio in Schlachthof

Friday 26.04:
12:00 Nordic at Noon, Hall 7.1
13:00 Speedmeetings, Norway – Germany
18:00 Reception Bremische Bürgerschaft
20:00 Gallakonsert: Trail Of Souls w/Solveig Slettahjell, Knut Reiersrud, In the Country at Die Glocke
21:00 Gallakonsert: Matthias Eick, Die Glocke

Satyrday 27.04:
17:45 Beady Belle (2 set, 17:45 & 18:45) Outdoor Stage Domshof
20:15 jazzahead! CLUBNIGHT: Susanna (solo) – 3 set (20:15/21:00/21:45) Stiftung Haus Kränholm
20:30 jazzahead! CLUBNIGHT: Erlend Apneseth Trio at Schwankhalle
21:30 jazzahead! CLUBNIGHT: Trygve Seim – Sangam at Sendesaal
22:00 jazzahead! CLUBNIGHT: Stephan Meidell at Schwankhalle
22:00 jazzahead! CLUBNIGHT: Hilde Louise Asbjørnsen – 2 set (22:00/23:00) at Schnoor Eleven
23:00 jazzahead! CLUBNIGHT: Mats Eilertsen Trio at Sendesaal

Sunday 28.04:
11:00 Criminal Breakfast – Ralf Knapp with guests Bremer Kriminal Theater
13:00 Nordic at Noon: Paal Nilssen Love Large Unit at Schlachthof

Behind the partnership at jazzahead! 2019 stand Music Norway, Norsk jazzforum, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Culture, NORLA and Molde International Jazz Festival.


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