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by:Larm Thursday concerts

By Erlend Buflaten Posted: 02. Mar, 2015

Carl Louis will play at Internasjonalen 11.00pm

By:Larm’s second day of showcases features plenty talented and promising acts.

Ingeborg Oktober, 6:00pm, Mono
Ingeborg Oktober steers clear of the predictable, one-dimensional, self-pitying diary scribblings that plague much contemporary pop: her music may be catchy but it’s not uncomplicated. And it may be young, but it’s certainly not naive.

Unge Ferrari, 7:00pm, Internasjonalen

Unge Ferrari, one of the most exciting Norwegian newcomers to look out for in 2015, grew up with everything from Craig David, Britney Spears and Usher to G-Unit in his CD player. With his music, he aims to take listeners high and far into space by combining futuristic 808-beats with melodic R&B in the intersection between hip hop and pop.

OMVR, 8:00pm, John Dee

After reaching the semi finals in the first season of The Voice in 2012, Omar focused on finding his own unique sound. He plunged into the world of songwriting, combining soulful vocals with a clubby backdrop. Inspired by Donny Hathaway, Brandy and Stevie Wonder, the soul aspect in his music was inevitable. But with a growing interest in the pop and club scene, a combination of these genres became a natural progression.

Miss Tati, 8:00pm, Mono

“Originally from Angola-via-Portugal, the English-speaking Miss Tati effortlessly presses her American soul and hip-hop inspirations on “Be Free”, confidently swinging between the neo-soul renaissance of THEEsatisfaction and the ever-loved Janelle Monáe. Those are high aspirations, sure, but Tati separates herself with indignant verses – proving she has something else to offer along the way.” – Matt Korman, The405

Finding Muzyamba, 8:00pm, P3 Stage

Finding Muzyamba has seemingly come out of nowhere but looks like he’s intending to stay for a while. According to critics, Muzyamba’s genre-bending approach draws from a range of styles, from synth-pop and trip hop to electronica, contemporary hip hop and R&B.

Apothek, 8:00pm, Sentrum Scene Presented by Sony

The duo combine classic song writing with a genre-bending electronic sound. After receiving much praise for their debut single “Family” they have gone on to collaborate with some of Norway’s biggest names, remixing Marit Larsen and touring with Susanne Sundfør for their first live shows.

LUGN, 8:00pm, Tidal Main Stage

LUGN sounds like nothing else, yet oddly familiar. With influences ranging from 60s pop, via 70s prog and 80s electro pop, to newer acts like MGMT and Tame Impala, LUGN’s interesting sound is full of contrasts. Their immediately appealing pop songs keep getting better with every listen as you discover new elements and nuances.

Palmface, 8:30pm, Hoffmann Kulturstube (Kulturhuset basement)

With a lyrical content that deals with teenage frustration in a calm and cool way, and sweet melodies to accompany its jangly sound, this refreshingly untidy coming-of-age album is a standout in the Norwegian music scene this year. Palmface has received great praise from bands like I Was a King, The Megaphonic Thrift and Low Frequency in Stereo.

Hilma Nikolaisen, 8:30pm, Revolver

Hilma Nikolaisen’s songs have elements of projects past, particularly Serena-Maneesh, evident in the sonic variation, rich textures, and juxtaposition of lighter and darker moods, but they are truly her own creations. There’s a sense of melody and ear for alluring musical detail that really stands out – ambitious pop music built on strong songwriting, rounded out by unique, androgynous vocals and a fully formed sound.

Møster, 8:30pm, Rockefeller presented by BI

Møster! is the emerging Norwegian saxophone star Kjetil Møster’s group, consisting of a beautiful bouquet of musicians. Expect long, groove-driven build-up’s, intensified with colorful psychedelic improvisational elements, taken to an unknown rhythmic and energetic level.

Cezinando, 9:00pm, John Dee

Cezinando is a 19 year old rapper and producer from Oslo. He made his debut entering the Norwegian hiphop scene with the album “framtid:sanntid”, following numerous guest appearances with well known Norwegian acts such as Jaa9 & OnklP, NastyKutt, Big Ice and Raggabalder.

Hawkon, 9:00pm, P3 Stage
A couple of demos in the second half of 2013 saw Hawkon celebrated across the web for his delicate falsetto and waves of looping textures. Fast forward another six months in the studio to the release of debut EP “Dare To Follow”, defined by smooth and soulful vocals weaving and warping to an otherworldly, transcendental climax. The EP saw Hawkon work alongside Blue May (Kindness) and long term production partner Peter Jarrett.

Kevzta, 9:00pm, Tidal Main Stage

Kevzta’s lyrics speak of hope, love and joy. Together with professional, experienced musicians and Most Wanted (producers from 5 Star Entertainment) he’s now working on his own material, set to be released in the spring of 2015.

The Last Hurrah!! 9:30, Gamla

The Last Hurrah!’s debut album “Spiritual Non-Believers” was named the Norwegian album of 2011 in VG, Norway’s biggest newspaper, and received top reviews in magazines from Mojo and Classic Rock to The Wire. Terms used have included “California-breezy folk” and “cosmic country folk” and names dropped include Crosby, Stills & Nash, Wilco, Gram Parsons and Van Dyke Parks.

Maribel, 9:30pm, Hoffmann Kulturstube (Kulturhuset basement)

The bands third album is a heavily sample based album, ”An attempt to cross gritty 90s hip hop beats with 70s psychedelia and 80s pop”, say the band. It sounds intriguingly weird, yet strangely familiar. “Dirty/Clean” will be released in 2015 and new music will be showcased at by:Larm.

Resirkulert, 9:30pm, Revolver

Resirkulert are a young indie band from the North of Norway. Their music spans a lot of different genres, but everything is first and foremost based on the guitars. Up until now, their focus has been on well performed, energetic live shows, which is why they have not had any official releases yet.

Carnival Kids, 9:30pm, Rockefeller presented by BI

Complex and visceral, Carnival Kids strike a perfect balance between depth and accessibility, marking out this Anglo-Norwegian four-piece as ones to watch. Describing themselves as “heavy but eclectic, with a punk vibe”, the band draws on musical influences including At The Drive-In, Biffy Clyro, Refused and Botch.

Ivan Ave, 10.00pm, P3 Stage

Known for his jazzy sound and introspective lyrics, Ivan Ave is an established MC in the Norwegian hip-hop scene. International listeners are now tuning in to his latest EP “Low Jams”, produced by Stones Throw artist Mndsgn. The EP was described by Okayplayer.com as “an enveloping head nodder that peppers irresistible grooves with vivid double-entendres and exists in the same elusive strata of true school perfection occupied by Nas’ debut “Illmatic” LP.”

Kenneth Engebretsen feat khat/hashish, 10.00pm, John Dee

Kenneth tackles the big issues – death, drugs, family, religion – fearlessly, in his own distinct voice. He does so without ever compromising the street roots at the root of his sound and at the core of his unshakeable integrity. The unique musical backbone fuses hefty doses of analogue synthesizer madness and sophisticated live instrumentation with huge, booming beats that are 100 % hip hop, yet avoids the true school/new school schism.

Broen, 10.30pm, Hoffmann Kulturstube (Kulturhuset basement)

With an abundance of dynamic and original material that both entices and demands attention, the listener is invited to float weightlessly on the melodic surface and let the rhythm originating from deep below pulsate through their body.

Rytmeklubben, 10:30pm, Red Bull Music Academy Stage

Rytmeklubben are a Norwegian live band, production-team and DJ-crew who make and play electronic music. As part of the up-and-coming electronic music scene in Norway, Rytmeklubben pride themselves on delivering innovative live shows that have already won over many fans in their home country.

Beachheads, 10:30pm, Revolver

Formed in 2013, the band’s main influences are the punk and power pop bands of the 80’s and early 90’s. Beachheads are currently working with producer Frode Strømstad (I Was A King, Tønes) on their debut album, which is due for release in 2015.

Kid Astray, 10:30pm, Rockefeller presented by BI

Kid Astray are less than a year out of high school but have already turned out two critically acclaimed EPs and established themselves as one of Norway’s most exciting newcomers. Plaudits from the likes of Rolling Stone, BBC Radio 1, and Nylon magazine underscore the strengths of the band’s early efforts and a string of heavy rotation singles listed on radio P3 in Norway and Sweden have them poised for an exciting year in 2015.

Kjært Barn, 11.00pm, Tidal Main Stage

Kjært Barn does “black pop music”, sings in Norwegian, and is a part of the infamous NMG/G-Huset from Bergen. The sound is a dirty blend between the pure analog, acoustic world, and computer music.

KUUK, 11:00pm, John Dee

With dirty lyrics, dancers, bass-fueled rap and crazy stage outfits, KUUK is an explosive, aggressive and confrontational live act, offering a dark and promiscuous insight into the minds of the two front girls, Ragna Solbergnes and Mira Berggrav Refsum.

Carl Louis, 11.00pm, Internasjonalen
Without releasing a single record, Carl Louis has already received many offers from around the globe. Those attending by:Larm will be the first to witness his debut solo live appearance. If we choose to believe those who know what they’re talking about, this could be the start of something grand. 2015: Watch out for Norway’s new prince of electronica.

Jonas Alaska, 11:00pm, Mono

The young singer/songwriter Jonas Alaska is known for his strong, personal lyrics, combined with clever, and often shamelessly catchy tunes. Alaska had great success in Norway with his gold selling debut album, for which he was nominated for 3 awards, and took home the Norwegian Grammy for Best New Act in 2011.

Møster, 11:30pm, Hoffmann Kulturstube (Kulturhuset basement)

Møster! is the emerging Norwegian saxophone star Kjetil Møster’s group, consisting of a beautiful bouquet of musicians. Expect long, groove-driven build-up’s, intensified with colorful psychedelic improvisational elements, taken to an unknown rhythmic and energetic level.

Silja Sol, 11:30pm, Gamla
Silja Sol speaks her mind. Her observations are direct, verbal and humorous. Her debut album, “På Hjertet”, is a collection of spontaneous and immediate pop songs, with folk inspired melodies in a concise and punkish format.

Soft as Snow, 11:30pm, Red Bull Music Academy Stage

Soft as Snow’s music is evidently borne of a quite contradictory, yet in their hands exceptionally complementary, alliance of a keen pop sensibility and a thirst for artistic experimentalism. The release garnered praise from the likes of FADER, Dazed, Pigeons & Planes, The Line of Best Fit, Dummy, Stereogum and Tiny Mix Tapes.

Astrid, 12:00am, John Dee

Astrid’s first single was “2AM”, and she is currently working in Stockholm, Oslo and London, writing and recording songs. As well as a newly inked record contract with Universal Music, she has also signed a publishing deal with Sony/ATV Music Publishing.

Sondre Justad, 12:00am, P3 Stage
Justad’s latest single “Nu har du mæ” was released by Petroleum Records in June 2014. The song was produced by Thomas Eriksen and Kjetil Bjelvin, and was B listed on NRK P3 throughout the summer. In September the song was added to NRK P1’s A list, at the same time as Sondre was A listed on NRK P3 with the song “Bli hos mæ” – a Norwegian version of Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me”.

Slick Shoota, 12:30am, Red Bull Music Academy Stage

Slick Shoota hails from Norway and has been steadily rising in the bass music scene with releases on some of the most respected labels around. His own take on juke, footwork & UK inspired bass music has gained widespread support, ranging from Radio 1 tastemaker B Traits, to Rinse FM and Hyperdubs Scratcha DVA, Chicago legends DJ Spinn & DJ Rashad and many more.

Execration, 12:30am, Revolver

Unafraid of opting for unusual and daring solutions to get exactly where they want to be, delivering death metal that draws clear influences from the old days without being “retro”, and that sounds fresh without ever resembling the mass-produced and soulless, modern technical death metal.

Marit Larsen, 12:30am, Rockefeller presented by BI

After 17 years as an artist, and eight years as a band leader, Marit found herself sitting in the producers chair during a recording. In this work she has tried to move away from the sweetness that is associated with her as an artist. There is less acoustic guitar and strings, and Marit is more aware of how she uses her own voice than ever before.

Mats Dawg, 1:00am, P3 Stage

Mats Dawg is a rap artist with roots in northern Norway, now based in Bergen. His out-of-the-box lyrics and a wide vocal range has caught rap enthusiasts’ ears for years. He’s made a name for himself through mixtape releases and collaborations with label mates, as well as northern rappers like Joddski, Klish, Oter and RSP.

Andre Bratten, 1:30am, Red Bull Music Academy Stage

André has always known his own mind and was never going to be content with being just another anonymous insect in the log pile. His debut album, “Be A Man You Ant”, is a string individual statement, his ‘I am Spartacus!’ moment. It computes almost infinite variations on the sounds he could extract from a single modular synthesizer – ‘the limitations are inspiring’, he says.

Loveless, 2:00am, P3 Stage

Throughout 2014 Loveless has released several remixes as well as their first official single, “How To Love You” which was instantly added to P3’s playlist. Their music has brought them attention from blogs, magazines, youtube-channels and DJs all over the world. Their latest remix of “Genie in a bottle” reached 100k plays in a month on Soundcloud.


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