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Carl Louis talks new album ‘Telescope’ and shares some of his favorite albums with us

By Erlend Buflaten Posted: 25. Sep, 2015

photo: Olav Stubberud

‘Telescope’, Carl Louis’ debut album is out now via Warner Music Norway. We caught up with the producer to talk about what we can expect from his new music and to hear what some of his favorite Norwegian albums in his collection are.

Carl Louis toured the world as half of EDM duo CLMD. With mini album ‘Telescope’ Carl Louis takes his music in new directions, showing us deeper and more electronic based tracks.

– Tell us about the album – what do we get?

– “Telescope” is a mix of music with different moods, and a showcase of what direction I´m moving in musically. I´ve tried to keep an overall concept for all the tracks so that it can be an enjoyable experience listening to it in full. And hopefully people will do that and enjoy it!

– You’ve worked with some brilliant people on this album (ARY, Pav). How has that process been like?

– I´ve been very fortunate to collaborate with some very talented people throughout my career and this mini album was no exception. Pav aka Alexander Pavelich I’ve known for quite some time but even though we have collaborated in different ways earlier this was the first time we sat down and had a full session together. It was great, he is a super person as well as a very talented artist. He was the perfect fit for “Apogee”, and I really enjoyed crafting that track with him.

Pav isn’t the only Sandvika based artist Carl Louis worked with on ‘Telescope’. The title track features rising star Ary.

– Ary I met for the first time late last year and we immediately clicked musically and “Telescope” came along. It was the first track we collaborated on. Since we worked so well together we made more music and in that process off making new tracks “Human Again” was born. Ary has an amazing voice and there is something special about here, but also as a person she is really funny to be around which makes collaborating a fun experience.

– Where can we catch you this fall?

– Already this saturday I’m doing a guest appearance with Ary at Blå (Oslo) for Christine Dancke and Silje Borgan´s Hoetell club concept. And then the next one is at Musikkflekken in Sandvika 23. of October.

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photo: Olav Stubberud

To get to know Carl Louis a bit better, we asked him to choose three albums that have a special place in his collection. Album title leads to Spotify.

Røyksopp – The Understanding

Why? – I remember getting this album for Christmas, and I immediately fell in love. The first Røyksopp album “Melody AM” was released during my hip hop period so it kind of passed me by unfortunately, but this one I got to enjoy from it´s release. “49 Percent” is to this day one of my favorite tracks, “What Else Is There” is perfect in many ways, and the dark melancholic vibe of the album really got to me and still does.

Kings of Convenience – Riot On An Empty Street

Why? – I don´t know how many car rides and summer days I´ve been accompanied by Kings of Convenience, but it’s many. For me they have this calming feeling coming from their music that makes me relax. It’s difficult picking one album from them cause everyone of them are great, but some of my favorite tracks, “Misread”, “I´d Rather Dance With You” and “The Build Up” is on this album so it had to be this one.

Susanne Sundfør – The Silicone Veil

Why? – I first discovered Susanne Sundfør with this album through her amazing track “White Foxes”. When I first heard that one I was blown away by her voice, the songwriting, and the production. And the rest of the album really captivated me with the brilliant songwriting. I was fortunate to catch Susanne Sundfør at an intimate concert in Tjøme, Norway a couple of years ago. It was her, the piano and an organ and it was simply amazing. From that day I was an even bigger fan.

Listen to ‘Telescope’ below via Spotify and check out his mood board playlist on his artists page here


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