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Club night of the year? Space-disco label Full Pupp set for London 10th anniversary night

By Erlend Buflaten Posted: 27. Oct, 2014

Prins Thomas at the 2014 Øya Festival (photo: Tomas Lauvland Pettersen)

Mark the date: 31st of October is the day you would want to be in London. Prins Thomas’ space-house-disco label Full Pupp celebrates a decade in business with what looks set to be one of the year’s definitive club nights.

With a line-up that’s worthy of a stadium festival, Full Pupp takes to London’s Studio Spaces this week in partnership with The Hydra and Horse Meat Disco. Todd Terje, Lindstrøm, Blackbelt Andersen, HAA and Prins Thomas are set to give the sold-out London venue a Halloween night that will make your Instagram-feed pale in comparison.
Ahead of the Full Pupp club night, we had a chat with the Prince, chatting about the years gone by, what is coming and what the lucky ticket holders can look forward to on 31 October.

– Full Pupp is now entering its 11th year. What was the founding idea behind the label?

– When I started the label, the only way to get music released was to send demos abroad. The idea behind Full Pupp was to create a kind of leisure club for me and my producing friends – in a way it still is. More than anything, it was important to keep on releasing good Norwegian contemporary dance music on vinyl. When the day comes when no one buys vinyl anymore, I’ll close shop.

– Is it possible to come up with some highlights from the last decade?

– One early highlight was of course Todd Terje’s First two singles, especially ‘Eurodans’ but I hope and believe the labels’ highlights lie ahead of us.

Todd Terje

How have you experienced that interest for Norwegian electronic music has changed in recent years?

– The market has changed in the sense that we sell fewer physical copies of music but at the same time, we have more people who either buy sporadically or come to our events the artists are playing.

– How important is the role of Full Pupp has played for Norwegian electronic music in recent years?

– What our role has been will be up to others to judge but the phrase “spearhead of Norwegian dance music” is one I like well. There is probably no one who has released so many Norwegian unknown artists on vinyl before – several of which are now well established on the international scene. Regrettably, only male acts so far … I encourage more female producers to send me good homemade music.

October 31 marks the 10-year anniversary with a sold out Full Pupp label night at London’s Studio Spaces. Prins Thomas promises to live up to expectations.

– Expect the very, very finest of dance music, played and performed by the very, very brightest guys. Ha ha ha. House, techno and disco till you drop!

– Aside from the upcoming club nights – what’s No.1 on the agenda these days?

– The agenda built around partly paternity leave, cooking, building up a small studio at home, traveling, a long list of remixes, collaborations and future releases on Full Pupp and side labels Rett I Fletta, Horizontal Mambo, Full Pupp Schlager Parade, Full Pupp Splits and Internasjonal. If I find some spare time I’ll sit on my sofa sipping Amarone.

Music Norway has allocated travel support for Full Pupp 10 years in London


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