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Export Award: From DJ to renowned producer

By Julie Vold Posted: 08. Jun, 2017

In 2016, Cashmere Cat was nominated for a Grammy and worked with some of the world’s greatest artists

Magnus August Høiberg, better known as Cashmere Cat, has over the past eight years gone from representing Norway in the DJ championship ‘DMC World DJ Championships’ to become a highly sought after producer for some of the biggest international names in pop and R&B.

2016 has been a special year for the Norwegian producer and musician, with both Grammy nominations in the Best R&B Song category for Tory Lanez’ LUV and with two producer credits on Kanye West’s seventh studio album The Life of Pablo. Not to mention the four credentials on Canadian mega star The Weeknd’s album Starboy.

So how did this adventure start?

«With a lot of trial and error in the bedroom. And nice parents who let me make a lot of noise way past midnigh», says Cashmere Cat.

Although he had been recognized as a DJ, it was debut EP Mirror Maru in 2012 that kickstarted his career. The unique style led to great reviews, and the title song was used in one of the most sold computer games of all time, Grand Theft Auto V.

Moved to New York

The famous American producer and songwriter Benny Blanco became aware of Cashmere Cat and invited him to Los Angeles for a production collaboration. In the summer of 2013, Cashmere Cat moved to New York, which was followed by a series of major releases for artists such as Selena Gomez, Britney Spears, Ariana Grande, Tory Lanez and Kanye West.

“Me and my friend Sinjin Hawke made the beat in a tiny studio in London. We sent it to Kanye by email and he became excited. The first time I heard the song was when he performed it live for the first time. It was an absurd moment!”.

The Grammy nomination was also a special moment for the Norwegian producer.

«So fun! It was also the first time I had made a song that gained massive radio plays. Last summer I heard the song about every minute in New York. If I opened the window in the apartment, I could hear it being played from cars on the street» he says.

Cashmere Cat’s manager Vegard Waske believes effort and dedication are the key words for the success.

“Magnus has always been 1000% dedicated. Since I got to know him he has worked 90% of his waking hours. It’s maybe a cliché, but Magnus is a proof that if you want it enough, and take enough time, you have great chances of success. But it’s not enough to just make good music – it’s important to have or develop other personal qualities if you want to go far. Magnus is a very sympathetic and warm guy, who people like very well. He has a good balance between his clear and unique ideas and visions, both musically and aesthetically, and ability to absorb the input from those he trusts” says Waske.

Stargate cooperation

In addition to mentioned international stars, Cashmere Cat has worked with Norwegian heavy weights like Kygo and Stargate. Stargate and Cashmere Cat have collaborated on songs for Kid Ink, Ty Dolla $ign and Tinashe.

«Magnus went all in, he went to the U.S. and never returned. He has found his own style, his own gang and his own audience. We always have fun when we work with Magnus, he knows what he is doing», says Tor Erik Hermansen of Stargate in a comment.

In april, Cashmere Cat released his debut album “9”, with contributions from Ariana Grande, MØ, The Weeknd and Selena Gomez. Then followed a massive US tour, which continues throughout the summer. But that does not mean he plans to relax after that.

«Now that I’ve finished working on the album, I’ve started working on my apartment in New York! Just bought a very nice orange pillow today! And a nice flower. Besides that, I think I recorded a new song every night I was on the tour bus.. Has already got a lot of new material for a new project», Cashmere Cat reveals.

What do you think of being nominated for the Export Award?

«Incredibly incredibly amazing! A great honor. Thank you!»

The other nominees for Music Norway and Spellemann’s export prize are Alan Walker, Lise Davidsen, Mette Henriette, William Wiik Larsen and Seeb.


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