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Export Award: A remix that changed everything

By Julie Vold Posted: 06. Jun, 2017

Seeb’s music has been played more than a million times on radio

The name Seeb originates from the initials of the group’s original founders, Simen Matre Eriksrud and Espen Berg. As a duo, they have long experience as producers and songwriters for Norwegian artists like Bertine Zetlitz, D’Sound and Donkeyboy – but the time came for them to release music under their own name.

Seeb’s managers Trond Opsahl and Christoffer Huse in Sky Agency have worked with the group almost since the very beginning. Opsahl tells us about the start:

«The idea was simple. They wanted to produce their own things and not just for others. To make music they liked themselves and where they could decide the end result – this was very inspiring for the guys.»

Thats when they decided to start remixing.

The idea of ​​making a remix of Mike Posner’s I Took a Pill in Ibiza came via Island Records in the United States. Seeb had already made a remix of the Island artist Kiesza’s Cut Me Loose, so Island sent them new songs in relation to an EP release.

«I Took a Pill in Ibiza felt like a natural choice. Seeb made it more danceable, and the remix came to by having fun in the studio,» Opsahl says.

Billboard top 5
The appeal of the Seeb version was immediate on Spotify playlists, and it quickly saw an organic increase in streams. Eventually, it also began to appear on the charts in the largest music markets. I Took a Pill in Ibiza spent three weeks at the top of the charts in England and peaked at 4th on Billboard Hot 100. So far, the song has been streamed 845 million times on Spotify and has achieved over one million plays on radio worldwide.

In fact, the remix was the second most streamed song globally on Spotify in 2016. When this was known, Mike Posner was quick to give credit to Seeb.

«This is completely madness! I have to honor Seeb for making a fantastic track. It’s really more their song than mine,» he posted on his Facebook page.

The song was also nominated for Grammy in the Song of the Year category, something Posner also thanked Seeb for.

Duo becomes trio
Not unexpectedly, the success flipped the life of the Seeb members upside down. The duo was extended to a trio when Niklas Strandbråten joined the team. Soon, requests from prominent artists began trickling in.

«People had really opened their eyes for Seeb, and new opportunities to get to work with a lot of talented songwriters and artists opened,» Opsahl says.

Shortly after the success with the Posner song, came a phone call from Chris Martin from Coldplay. He asked if Seeb would make a remix of their song Hymn for the Weekend. This turned out to be yet another success for Seeb, with nearly 350 million plays to date.

In 2016, Seeb also released their own two singles Breathe and What Do You Love, both of which have was featured heavily on playlists and dance hit charts. Seeb has plenty of activity planned for 2017 with new singles and album releases, as well as a number of festivals. Including, and fittingly enough, on Ibiza along with Kygo this summer. Recently, Seeb released an official remix of the Ed Sheeran song Castle on the Hill.

Trond Opsahl believes that a lot of the success lies in the group’s versatility.

«They are hard working and determined. In addition, they are very creative, able to work with all types of music and do all the mixing and mastering themselves. Espen, for example, has previously worked with mastering full time. On the personal level, they are very kind, helpful and down to earth with both feet planted firmly on the ground,» describes Opsahl.

Seeb themselves are happy for the nomination for Spellemann and Music Norway’s export award:

«It means very much to us to be considered for this highly regarded price alongside such talented people as the other nominees. We are very inspired by all the positive buzz Norwegian music gets abroad, and that it is possible to export music to the big and traditionally difficult markets without having to move abroad ourselves. We have received travel grants from Music Norway several times before, which has been an important contributing factor for getting us to the American music industry. Thank you very much», they say in a comment.

The other nominees for Music Norway and Spellemann’s export prize are William Wiik Larsen, Lise Davidsen, Cashmere Cat, Mette Henriette and Alan Walker.


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