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Folkelarm review round-up

Oslo folk music industry event and festival Folkelarm 2013 is history but the vibrant atmosphere experienced in late September is relived through the reviews that are now trickling in – we’ve compiled a selection of the international ones.

International reviews of Folkelarm 2013 have now begun to trickle in. The Arts Desk, true to form, presents a thorough review of the Oslo folk music industry event.

Writes The Arts Desk’s Kieron Tyler: ‘Four days in Norway’s capital attending Folkelarm, the festival of Nordic folk music, raises the perennial and always knotty question of how far music can move beyond the traditional yet still be labelled as folk? With the charming and reassuringly old-fashioned accordion- and string-driven dance band the P. A. Røstads Orkester there’s no such problem. But Slager, despite the presence of a rootsy Hardanger fiddle in their ranks, are closer to the drone of La Monte Young’s eternal music and could never liven up a Saturday night dance. Straying even further from the source, Sami singer Elin Kåven brought echoes of PJ Harvey and Sonic Youth to the party’.

Read the full article here.

The No Depression Americana and Folk music blog also paid Folkelarm a visit. The site aslo singles out Elin Kåven as one of the event’s highlights: ‘The sophisticated but emotionally raw-edged music and theatrical performance of Sami (the Arctic area of Northern Europe) singer and dancer Elin Kaaven (pictured) could easily make her an international star too, especially now her Maizen-Thaw album has been picked up for Europe-wide distribution. Produced by Oslo-based Juhani Silvola, it features Scottish Hardanger fiddle player Sarah-Jane Summers, a husband and wife team who not only backed Elin at the festival but also, joined by bassist Morten Kvam, impressed with their own band Mala Fama’.

Full article here.


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