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Future Industry gathers in Stockholm

By Tina Brodal Posted: 26. Nov, 2019

The project “20 under 30” nominates 20 industry talents from the Nordic countries with the aim of showcasing the huge amount of talent and knowledge that exist in Norway and the Nordic countries.

Sigrid, Alan Walker, Boy Pablo, Volbeat, MØ, Alma, Zara Larsson, Of Monsters and Men – the talents emerging from the Nordics seem to never end. A vital part of the rise of these artists are the teams behind them, and especially the young forces who brings new perspectives, ideas and business models to an ever-changing industry.

Unite in Stockholm

November 28 and 29, this year’s and last year’s selected candidates from “Nordic Music Biz ‘Top 20 Under 30” will join forces in Stockholm to participate in an exciting program about future trends in the music industry.

Under the program named “Future Industry”, the selected talents from across the Nordic industry will gather for the first time to network and discuss both the opportunities and the challenges that await them in the industry.

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CEO of by: Larm, Mina Evenrud, is one of the participants who will attend the Nordic gathering in Stockholm.

-I feel incredibly honored to be part of the gang that will meet for two intensive days in Stockholm. I look forward to getting to know some of the most creative and talented young people who will shape the Nordic music industry in the time ahead, says Mina Evenrud.

– From a by:larm perspective I am sure that many of the participants I will meet will become important resources for by:Larm in the years to come, she says.

2019 was the second year in a row that the award acknowledges 20 young, significant people in the industry under 30 who contributes in putting music from the Nordic countries on the international map.

Visit to the Embassy and Spotify

The program consists of a visit to the Norwegian Embassy in Stockholm, where the participants will gather to discuss the future of the music industry. Guest speakers include Ed Peto (Outdustry) who will take part in a panel debate about Asia, as well as author Annah Bjørk, Tali Da Silva (SVT) and Thea Norqvist (Amuse) which will discuss and look back at how the last year in the music industry has been, in order to explore different topics related to what the future will look like. The program concludes on November 29 with a visit to Spotify, where there will be a panel debate and Q&A.

These participate in Stockholm:

Agnete Hannibal Petri
Assistant Manager, ESCHO, Denmark

Andres Dahl
CEO Paperclip, Norway

Ankit Desai
Founder, Snafu Records, Sweden

Anna Kornelia Åberg
Founder/A&R/Manager, BLNK Music & Neiked Collective, Sweden

Anna Ásthildur Thorsteinsson 
Marketing Manager, Iceland Airwaves, Iceland

Annika Oksanen
Agent & Promoter, Live Nation Finland

Anton Waltari
Rightsholder Relations Manager, STIM, Sweden

Camilla Adamsson
Head of Brand Partnership, Sony Music Sweden

Dan Karlström
Songwriter- & Producer Manager, Vivstilo, Sweden

Emma Finnkvist
Head of Local, Warner Music Sweden

Emil Byskov Valnert
Head of Brand Partnership, Warner, Denmark

Feniks Willamo
Agent & Promoter, All Day Agency, Finland

Jannika Nyqvist
Product & Promotion Manager at Universal Music Finland

Karen Norbakk
Manager, Mandelbaum, Norway

Margit Bøhn
Project Manager, Exploitation, Universal Music Sweden

Max Holmstrand
Project Manager/junior A&R, Refune, Sweden

Mina Evenrud
CEO, by:Larm Music Conference and Festival, Norway

Nicole O’Sullivan
Editor and Partner relations for Northern Europe, Apple Music

Rasmus Damsholt
Artist Manager, ATC Management Nordics, Denmark

Sindri Ástmarsson
CEO, Mid Atlantic Entertainment, Iceland

Sophia Olofsson
Senior Editor, Shows & Editorial, Spotify, Sweden

Nino Lintermo
Promoter, The Fried Music & Independent Artist Manager, Finland

Olivia Hessel
Head of label & partner relations, TEN Music Group, Sweden

Yonas Tesfamichael Aregai
Manager & Partner, MER, Norway

Yunus Daar
Manager, Nora Collective, Norway

The nominations for next year’s candidates for “Nordic Music Biz ‘Top 20 under 30” will open in December.

20 under 30 is initiated by NOMEX, the Nordic export office cooperation organization, consisting of Export Music Sweden, Iceland Music Export, Music Export Denmark, Music Finland and Music Norway.

From Music Norway, Kathrine Synnes Finnskog, Sarah Winona Sortland and Tina Brodal will be present.


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